Репетитор по Английскому языку, носитель языка Eric

Предмет: Английский язык

Преподаватель высшей категории

Образование: Высшее
Возраст: 31 год
Преподавательский стаж: 2 года
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О себе: I am an American man, who has been living in Russia for just over 2 years. I enjoy sports, specifically hockey and American football. In my free time I study Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Russian. I have received positive feedback from most of my students. Many decide to take additional classes with me after their course has finished. Every class has asked me about my schedule and if I will be able to continue with them. Getting my students to improve as quickly as possible Is my goal. My teaching method is very adaptable. If a student has specific desires and specific areas they want improvement in, I can tailor my lessons to support that. I prefer to use a book such as New English File, supported by Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy. I can work with most age groups, but I prefer adults.

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